Tree-wrapped pagoda and Tower-wraped Tree,Mangshi

The 15th tusi (native chieftain) built the Jielie Stupa to remember a triumph. It is said that there was a God sprinkling a piece of seed into the stupa. After 200 years, this seed amazingly grow into a tall banyan tree. So that the rare view “A tree wrapped the stupa” come into being last minute China travel deals.

Tower Wraped in the Tree was formerly called Iron City Stupa which was built in memory of a war. The Stupa is a solid tower made of bricks. It is wraped and covered by roots, and is thus called Tower Wraped in the Tree. It is the earliest stupa built by local Dai people.

The Tower Wraped in the Tree Holidays in China is miraculous and unique. Its body is like an arhat standing with a stately air. A grand bodhi tree protects the top of the Tower like a huge opening umbrella. The thickset crown reaches up to the sky like arms. The bronze-coloured trunk twists and wraps the body of the Tower tightly. Leaves and branches reach down and water the foundation of the Tower like a waterfall. The tree wraps the Tower and the Tower embraces the tree. They depend on each other for existence, and therefore form a marvellous spectacle known throughout west Yunnan and southeast Asia.

Legend: one disciple of Sakyamuni asked him, “ How can we express our true piety for you?” Sakyamuni thought for a while China travel service, spread his gown on the ground, put his begging bowl upside down on the gown, and placed his buddhist wand on the bowl. His disciples were suddenly enlightened. Later, the gown became the square foundation of the tower, the bowl became the body of the tower and the wand, the top of the tower. This is how the Tower Wraped in the Tree came into being.

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