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People have been expecting for a long time in the world this morning at the Dinosaur Valley Park China vacation deals grand opening. P Plus guests gather Leigu Inflatable Castles deafening, today's Dinosaur Valley filled with people. Tourists from all over the world will soon enter the dinosaur kingdom, through the Jurassic world, interpreted the rise and fall of the Earth's evolution of life, sharing retirement wonders of the world circle the Earth.

Dinosaur Valley has just returned to the Jurassic entrance plaza, people Yijie was deeply infected with the enthusiasm of the people, they sanxian missiles, jubilant Yijie dance, a warm welcome to the guests of the Quartet. Square Inflatable Castles ion dance teams Wuqi a lion, the clarion call sounded deafening, and the ecology of the original dance to jump up machetes, for the opening of Dinosaur Valley Park add unlimited charm.

As host melodious voice sounded, the world of dinosaurs Valley opened in a grand ceremony opened the curtain. Park to attend the opening ceremony. Yunnan, Lufeng County of the Chuxiong and leaders at all levels, to develop the Valley of the dinosaur era Holdings Ltd., Shaoxing China Textile City What & Where to buy in China Limited for the development also attended the event.

Along with the atmosphere of the scene are mounting the country's 30 provinces and municipalities and autonomous regions on behalf of children cite signs in hand game, opened in a grand ceremony usher in the most exciting moment - the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Yunnan Provincial CPC Committee, the Standing Committee and executive vice governor, Luo Fu announced that the world is a dinosaur Valley Park, the square instant gun salute went off everywhere, ribbon-dance to the people, such as the World 2 million years of dinosaur Valley, and finally opened a mystery.

Guests from all over the world want first to see the dinosaur Valley fantasy landscape, each person's face is filled with emotion and longing expression in the dinosaur-guided tour warm welcome to the guests in the Jurassic plank road Inflatable Castles into the Jurassic Ji Castle, Dinosaur Valley Holidays in China brigade officially begun.

Today, not only ushered in the dinosaur Valley opened in a ceremony also marked the unveiling ceremony at the site and Professor Yang Zhongjian statue unveiling ceremony.

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