Travel Guide - Makou Caves in Yongshan County,Zhaotong

Makou Cave Group in the yards I townships, and 130 kilometers from Zhaotong City, 180 kilometers from the county seat, and Sichuan Jinyang River sea, along the Jinsha River Yangtze River tour in the first few kilometres radius of the two, 30 and dissolved cave Point. Caverns and caves coexist, tunnel blend with the dry hole,singular long, the magic charm. One to Cowherd hole, Weaver Girl hole civilian hole size Longdong, the most representative Yonggung hole.

Cowherd hole magic and beauty of the formation of stalactites Public China Holidays, "Forest Park," and some tall, dense, 4-6 Wai-5 people do not add others have sprouted up to over 20 meters, while others hang from the top down, and some like the Millennium old trees, some, such as troops and horses commission, some, such as hovering dragon, and some, such as Phoenix, and some, such as Peacock…… patterns vary, quite spectacular, "underwater museum," clear the bottom, water features, like red Coral, like emerald green, white, such as jade, yellow and amber, there are like fish, like frogs, like birds, like flowers, lifelike.

Weaver Girl hole magnificent, wall norms, together but not before the first stone, Tour Cidong, like in the Tour of Ancient China "Underground Great Wall" amazing! Is artificial? Create or days? Its hard fans.

Bi-lian hole inside color Banlan stalactites, Form different Variety China shopping, the scene is happening, Yonggungsa hole in a spacious, with holes and Chingchuankang trip hole springs roar, Fly-splash, a little world of underground waterfall. More stalactites form of a two-life "Erlonghuzhu" Boanjiaojue people. Tong Wai beautiful scenery, mountains, water, forestry, integrated hole. Le ditch Yixiantian bowl, such as the Report of cutting Liangya shape, such as the front-line days, there Feiliu down, the height difference of Motumi, with the potential of splitting the Mountain, Cowherd hole, Weaver Girl Liangya hole in the division, at River sea.

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