Wonderful Travel Experience to Chuzhou

Chuzhou City adjoins Nanjing City. It connects the Nanjing China travel service and Yangzhou cities on the east, Hefei and Huainan cities on the west, He and Hanshan counties to the south and Xuyu County and Bengbu to the north.

Mausoleum of Ming Dynasty

The Mausoleum of the Ming is the grave of the parents of Zhu Yuanzhang. It was built in 1366 and rebuilt in 1369.

The Mausoleum of the Ming Dynasty (an optional destination for affordable China tours) is 6.87 meters tall. There are six hornless dragon sculptures in the front of mausoleum and "The Inscription of Mausoleum of Ming Dynasty" engraved in the middle and cloud carvings on the bottom of the mausoleum. The inscription was about Zhu Yuanzhang's difficult life and his empire written by Zhu Yuznzhang himself.

Zhongdu City of Ming Dynasty

Zhongdu City of Ming Dynasty has an over 600 year history. The main building was destroyed and only the Royal Meridian Gate, Xinhuamen Gate and over 1100 meters long wall are left now. However you can imagin the majestic scale of the city from these relics.

The walls of Zhongdu City of Ming Dynasty are magnificent, made with large bricks. There are 22 prefectures, 70 counties and state, lots of military bases, and bricks with inscription. The mortar of the bricks used on the wall is a mixture of lime, tung oil, and glutinous rice juice. Some of the bricks are made with cast iron, instead of mortar, and are still intact nowadays.

The building kept the tradition of the Song and Yuan Dynasties and added the Ming and Qing Dynasty's new style. It becomes the model of reconstructing Nanjing and Beijing (must-see for your China Educational tours ) cities. In addition, Tianchang snow cake is soft and sweet with white color. The salty duck from Mei City Holidays in China has bright colour and a touch of herbal flavour. Royal tofu has a 600 year history and you must not miss this one when you travel to Fengyang.

Longxing Temple

The Hongwu Emperor, Zhu Yuanzhang was a monk in Huangjue Temple in his childhood. Huangjue Temple is 6 kilometers from the south of Fengyang. When Zhu Yuangzhang became emperor he wanted to rebuilt Huangjue Temple. However the mausoleum had been already built near the temple. Therefore he built Longxing Temple in 1383 and wrote the "Inscription of Longxing Temple" and awarded the seal of Long Xing Temple (you can consider the destination for your China Photography Tours).

Longxing Temple covers 1282 acres. The scale of the temple is magnificent. There is a big bell and the monks in Longxing Temple have their morning and evening class according to the bell. "Longxing Evening Bell" is one of the top eight scenic spots in Fengyang

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