Travel Guide - Dorje Drak Monastery

Along with Mindroling Monastery China travel deals, Dorje Drak is one of the two most important Nyingmapa monasteries in Tsang. With a remote and romantic location, it is less accessible than Mindroling and consequently gets Western visitors. It is on the northern bank of the Yarlung Tsangpo.

In 1632, Dorje Drak monastery was forced to move to its present site by the kings in Tsang. In 1717, the Dzungar Mongols sacked the monatery. The Rigdzinhe is a line of hereditary lamas who is the head of the monastery. The name came from the first Rigdzin Godemachen, who is believed to be reincarnations of Guru Rinpoche. Now the 10th Rigdzin Lama is liveing in Lhasa Tibet Tours.


In the main assembly hall are statues of Guru Rinpoche and Pema Trinley, who was the fourth Rigdzin. Five butter sculptures to the right of the Samsum Namgyel Gonkhang represent the chapel’s five protectors. Also a cabinet holds many monastery’s treasures. Among the treasures is a fragment of a staff belonging to Milarepa. Unfortunately, it has been smashed during the Cultural Revolution. Up to the higher chapel and you can by some lovely ground juniper incense.

You can find Tibetan-style beds at the Monastery Guesthouse China travel service. Although lots of duvets are available, it’s better to bring a sleeping bag and some food. Also, there is a small shop selling soft drinks and instant noodles.

It takes an long as a half and one hour of walking the kora which leads around the back of the dorje shaped rock behind the monastery, lying up to a ruined retreat atop the rock. The path overlooks some dramatic sand dunes and the views from the retreat are simply amazing.


People can go to the monastery by a ferry from kilometer marker 112 on the Lhasa-Tsetang road. Regular boats are avaiable in the morning and late afternoon. But you can may hire a boat for 60 yuan. One can also choose to take hard-core trekkers from Lhasa. It would be a trek of around four days, but it also will be of fun.

Now people are building a new road along the northern shore of the Yarlung Tsangpo. The road is from the Gongkar runnel to Samye via Dorje Drak Holidays in China. The aim is to change transport patterns, and reduce the site’s remoteness.

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