Travel Guide - Hasi Mountain-watershed forest reserve

Located in the northeast of Jingyuan county Luxury China tour packages, Hasi Mountain is 85 kilometers from the county town and next to Ningxia Hui autonomous region at its west.

Hasi Mountain is composed of purple coarse clastic and clip basalt, with a northwest to southeast active fault in the south, which separates it with Songshan Mountain. The silver snow-covered peak is one of eight gorgeous scenes in Jingyuan county, thus the mountain is also called “snow mountain”.

The main peak of Hasi Mountain is Damaohuai Mountain China Travel Destinations, with an altitude of 3017 meters. The forest area, formed in 1959, consists of three parts: Hasi Mountain, Taihe Mountain and Xueshan Temple. Covering an area of 7,933.33 hectares, the forest coverage rate of the area is 53 percent.

As a large watershed forest reserve, Hasi Mountain has been listed as a provincial natural reserve.

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