Travel Guide - Tongjue Temple

The Taicang Tongjue Temple Luxury China tours was constructed during the reign of Emperor Wanli of the Ming Dynasty, which has attracted many pilgrims of all ages.

The Avalokitesvara icon, which is enshrined and worshipped in the temple, is considered to possess mystical powers. “The Avalokitesvara holds the potential to respond to all prayers offered in the temple.”

The temple has become a cultural landscape for domestic religious tourism China business tour. It contains small bridges over flowing streams, waterside pavilions, whitewashed walls and black tiles of gardens located south of the Yangtze River.

The worship site appears refined and beautiful. It has also earned much recognition for its monastery gate, halls, morning bell and evening drum.

“The temple has yellow walls, gray tiles and rolling dragon ridges, which contains red house columns, decorated with colorful patterns and a gilded figure of Buddha.” In the past 400 years, the temple China Custom Tours has risen and declined in influence.

The imposing ancient pagoda and garden enhance its beauty that integrate the garden and temple culture.

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