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Dequqiong Petroglyph – Introduction

The Dequqiong Petroglyph is located on the cliff of one rock mountain at the conjunction place of Dangqu River and Luozha Nuqu River Yangtze River tour in Mendang Country, Shannan Prefecture. The area of this petroglyph is about 2.7 meters high and 3meters wide. The upper part of this petroglyph is an intaglio word of "Wan" which is about 40cm high and 40cm wide, located at the middle of upper part of the whole petroglyph. The below is eight lines of small intaglio Tibetan words. The height of each line is about 13cm. Among them, the words of the first three lines are almost scaled off, and the words on north side from fifth line to eighth line are well protected. The last line is an intaglio word of "Wan" which is about 40cm high and wide. The whole petroglyph is well protected.

Dequqiong Petroglyph – History

The words on the Dequqiong Petroglyph are archaic, and the writing style is simple. The way of writing characters and the usage of noun and verb accord with the standard of ancient Tibet Tours Tibetan language before Relajin reformed the writing style. Hence, the period of Dequqiong Petroglyph should not be later than the last year of the ruling period of Relajin Zanpo which is 841 A.D.

Among these unearthed tablet inscriptions in Tubo Period China tour deals, the Chide Songtsen was named "Zanpo of Son of God" for several times on Gongbudimu Inscribe Stone, Xiela Kangmenshu Inscribed Stone, the tombstone of Chidesong Zanpo and other tablets, while other Zanpos were named " Holy Zanpo". The first sentence on the Dequqiong Petroglyph is that "before the seat of Zanpo of Son of God". It coincides with the address of Chide Songtsen. Consequently, we can infer that the Dequqiong Petroglyph must be carved in the ruling period of Chide Songtsen. That is from 804 A.D. to 815 A.D.

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