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Mausoleum of Zhu Xi is a key preservation of relics in Fujian province China tour deals. It is located in a big valley of Tang Shili (Huangkeng Town), Jianyang City, which was selected by Zhu Xi himself before his death. Carp Hillock stands on its left side and Tangshi Hill lies on its right side; Tiger Hill crouches in its front and Nine-dragon Hillock of Nine-dragon Hill stands on its back. Such a situation is called “silk and ribbon gone with the wind.”

Zhu Xi (1130-1200) was a philosopher and educationist in Southern Song Dynasty. He died from illness in Kaoting, Jianyang city on 1st March, 1200(the sixth year of Qingyuan in Southern Song Dynasty China travel service). After death he was buried here with his wife Liu shi.

On the hill there are Xingru Pavilion and Shunning Nunnery

China tour packages which were repaired several times in Jiajing Period of Ming Dynasty (1522-1566). Also there are five halls at the foot of the hill and people repaired them in Kangxi, Qianlong and Jianqing periods of Qing Dynasty. Zhu Zi Temple was once built at the foot of the hill too, but it finally collapsed for lack of repairs. The tomb is round in shape and was paved with pebbles on the surface. A tombstone, which was set up in the fifty-sixth year of Kangxi period in Qing Dynasty, still stands in the centre of the upper part which was inscribed with the words “Grave of the Virtuous Person Zhu Zi and his wife Liu shi”. In front of the tomb, there is a quadrate stone incense burner and a stone oblation table with a couple of stone candles standing on the front both sides. Alongside the main road are newly-built grave path and stele pavilion.

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