Learn something about Huisen Garden

A new greenway – Wenjiang Lawn Greenway – has been developed in Wenjiang region China tour deals. Many landscapes and recreational areas are placed along it.

Huisen Lawn is one of those. It is popular for its podocarpus macrophyllu (yew pine) which can be seen in various unusual forms. Growers show off their inventiveness by developing different wonderful picturesque areas with bonsai and unusual rocks.

The garden also functions traditional structure. Under a concept of European Shu (AD 406-413) lifestyle, the structure of your garden has been properly developed. The pathways China travel service, developed supports, coloured rafters, structures and pavilions are all in this historical style.

Strolling in the Huisen Lawn China tour packages, one can feel the balance between characteristics and art.%%@af$ko&we*313

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