Explore The Yugang Park

The Yugang Recreation area is located at the north end of the Xiashan Touring Area China tour deals. To the western can be found the Sea Hotel, to the eastern the Zhanjiang Slot, to the southern the Haiyang Street, and to the north can be found the base of the South Chinese suppliers Sea Navy.

The park, protecting an area of about 200,000 rectangle metres, is a beach park concentrating on marine enjoyment activities in town center Zhanjiang. The park is designed to emphasize the fishing port lifestyle in the Leizhou Peninsula.

Walking on the fine, soft beaches China tour packages and moved by the soothing wind, its a food for your eyes, with red ocean and dance grape plants making up a beautiful scenery picture. The showering beach in the Yugang Recreation area is the most popular hotel among the local people. Visitors can lay cozily in the beach seats under the darkness of big parasols, and nicely enjoy the wonderful landscapes of the red sea, the white exotic beach and the lavish grape plants. The beach showering hotel reveals from 8:00 to 19:00 every day (this might be subject to changes). But the accommodation will be shut in bad weather when gusts of wind surpass the fifth level or the surf surpass one gauge.

Address: Haibin Street, Xiashan region, Zhanjiang city (in the area of the Rongji Square)

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