Get to know Jiaying Guild Hall

The Jiaying Guild Area, at No 22 Zaoshi St, in Suzhou, was detailed as a social relic under public security in 1982.

Work on the hall started in the Fourteenth season of the Jiaqing emperor, in the Qing Empire (1809) and was finished four decades later, the price having been protected by suppliers from five areas -- Chengxiang China tour deals, Xingning, Pingyuan, Changle, and Zhenping -- under Jiaying ideal authority (today’s town of Meizhou), Guangdong region The hall was both a position to keep company conversations and offer accommodations, and a position for philanthropic actions, such as medical and memorial solutions. At event time, suppliers would collect in the hall to enjoy and observe safari actions, pay honor to deities, keep social events, and improve relationships.

The hall was renewed in 1847 and 1904, during the Qing Empire. It rests near the Xujiang Stream, across Zaoshi St. Rock China tour packages stairways led up to the hall from a wharf along a sequence of surfaces, behind which lay the manufacturing facilities for the activity of regional items. Its primary checkpoint encounters southern, with the terms Jiaying Guild Area at the top. There used to be two stone tigers plus the checkpoint.

The hall has a feeling of percentage to it, with the top side checkpoint, a theatrical level, and a primary hall. The front side side checkpoint is five-rooms extensive. There is an higher storey providing as the behind the scenes of the cinema, while the top side of the level extends northward and has a ceiling. The primary hall encounters southern, across the courtyard from the level. It is 15 metres extensive and 15 metres strong. The eaves to the top side are designed with flooring above the 12 French-style ms windows. To the northern of the primary hall there are three areas with tiled archways. To the eastern of the primary hall there is a road with 18 steles in its surfaces documenting the record of the hall and the titles of contributors who compensated for it. To the eastern of the road there are workplaces and personal areas for the hall.%%@af$ko&we*317

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