Get to know Xuanwu Park

Xuanwu Recreation area China tour deals was built in the Ming Empire that includes an area of 8.37 hectares. Then it has been damaged by the earth quake. Twenty six years ago, it has been renewed.

Xuanwu Recreation area has mixed the traditional historical building with contemporary lawn structure, thus making it a novel city Beijing tour lawn with features of southeast Chinese suppliers and giving popularity to the stylish and relaxing.

Xuanwu Recreation area has recently been extensively improved and become a well-facilitated and energy-saving park to keep speed with the contemporary time. The newly started out Xuanwu Recreation area is an environment-friendly, green ecological park which brings together ecological protection, touring, energy-saving, emergency aware functions completely.

Through the employment of rainfall, solar panel technology and geothermal energy power, the park can make the best use of the available power and reuse it. As a result, Xuanwu Recreation area could almost self-support.%%@af$ko&we*319

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