Tracing the marks of famous stars on Avenue of Stars

The Avenue of Stars was designed to recognize the film industry's contribution in promoting Hong Kong as a destination worldwide. The Avenue of Stars is an indispensable for your Hong Kong tours.

This attraction goes a few steps further than Hollywood's popular Walk of Fame. Along Hong Kong's Avenue of Stars, visitors will find not only plaques
A star on the Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong emblazoned with the names of famous Hong Kong actors and actresses, but will also be treated to a video about the local movie industry, sculptures of particularly notable stars, souvenir kiosks, and interesting tidbits about Hong Kong's more than 100-year film history.

One of the most recent additions to the Avenue of Stars is a 2-meter-high bronze statue of the world's most famous martial arts actor, Bruce Lee. Dedicated in 2005, Avenue of Stars at night the statue marked the 65th anniversary of Lee's birth.

Some actors whose names are included on the Avenue of Stars are recognizable only to the Hong Kong community or aficionados of Hong Kong films. Others may be recognized by film fans the world over, such as Jet Li and Sammo Hung, considered the king of the Hong Kong action film.

Initially, 100 actors - both living and dead - were honored along the Avenue of Stars. The local film board notes that they hope to add more stars to their walkway each October.

Visiting Avenue of Stars

Avenue of Stars is a free attraction that can be visited any time of the day or night. It's especially lovely in the evening when it's illuminated with tons of twinkling lights.

The promenade at Tsim Sha Tsui also provides a stunning view of the harbor and is an especially good place from which to watch the nighttime Symphony of Lights, a must-see for visitors to Hong Kong.

Many peope have their business China tour in Hong Kong. The time for travelling is not very enough so that you can only visit the most-visited places.

Hong Kong is always contained in the itineraries of popular China tours for tourists.

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