Explore Harbin Ice and Snow World

Harbin Ice and Snowfall Globe, also known as Bingxue Large Globe. It is a unique snow and ice vacationer and social event requested by Harbin Tour Harbin Public Govt and subsidized by Harbin Cultural Travel and leisure Group. Since its birth, has been growing season by season. Protecting more than 750,000 rectangle metres and taking snow and ice over 300,000 cubic metres, Harbin Ice and Snowfall Globe is one of the most important parts of Harbin Worldwide Ice and Snowfall Statue Festival. It has become the most popular winter fascination on the globe. In this dreamlike amusement recreation area, not only can you see the amazing vibrant lighted snow and ice statues but also enjoy various exciting social activities and sports.

In 1999, to admire the new century form 2000, Harbin municipal government built up a glowing icy and wintry Disney Land China tour deals. Since then, the favorite anecdotes about snow and ice in Harbin started. The snow and ice included into the blood of Harbiners, and became one of signs in Harbin. Since then, Harbin keeps the event in relationship with snow and ice each season, in which a wonderful and loving fairy world is established with snow and ice. An incredible number of visitors have been drawn for the view. The state management and a number of ambassadors in Chinese suppliers have been personally frequented the events and give high compliment.%%@af$ko&we*323

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