Explore Dayan Town for Yunnan travel

Lijiang Lijiang tour is really two cities, two unique areas separated by Lion Hill - the New Town, which came into being 43 decades ago, and the Old Town, an 865-year-old structural gem, although it looks like a huge inkstone, hence its name Dayan or Big Inkstone.

Kublai Khan, grand son of Genghis and creator of the Mongol empire in Chinese suppliers, came this way in 1253 on his cure of Yunnan and recognized an management workplace which 23 decades later became the Lijiang Army and Municipal Protectorate . Thereafter the name "Lijiang" started to be used.

Dayan is the middle of the Naxi individuals, the investment of the Lijiang Naxi Independent Nation China tour deals, and a position of complete satisfaction, where parrots chirp from their crates clinging from the eaves of the homes and gurgling divisions breeze their methods through the roads and paths in every aspect of the Old Town.

With Sifang Road at the primary, the whole city propagates out in all route, and is crisscrossed by a network of flagged roads and alleyways. Most of the residences, spread at the feet of a mountain or by the waterways which circulation through every position and area of the town, are brick-and-tile components with designed gates and coloured ms windows. Visitors across the waterways is assisted by a huge variety of small rock connects.%%@af$ko&we*324

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