Travel Guide - Liujiaxia Dam

Liujiaxia Dam China tour deals is a significant Dam along the center higher aspect of the yellow-colored stream, developing the Liujiaxia Tank.

The dam is situated just down stream from where the Tao River satisfies the Yellow River Yangtze River tour. The dam and hydro-electric service are outside of the city of Yongjing about 70km west-south-west from Lanzhou in China's Gansu Region.

Liujiaxia Tank is a sleek pond in the great gorges, being the biggest national reservoir in North west Chinese suppliers. After appreciating the reservoir on the way westward, guests can see the historical grottoes situated great on the coves. They were first excavated in 420AD. These days, the Grottoes at Bingling Forehead have become a hot fascination along the historical Silk Road China tour packages.%%@af$ko&we*325

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