Must-see for Guilin travel - Yangshuo Town

Yanshuo China tour deals, a little old city pace the Li Stream, has been popular as one of the Chinese suppliers journey location for its spectacular landscapes and its soothing country design living. In Chinese suppliers, there is an old saying, “Guilin has the most wonderful landscapes in Chinese suppliers, and Yangshuo is the most wonderful aspect of Guilin.” Enclosed by 18 hills, the organic amazing things and the soothing lifestyle in this little old city is very attractive to people who come from active places and thus one of the most popular Chinese suppliers journey location.

Yangshuo is the Guilin public nation, located 65 kilometers (about 40 miles) south of Guilin city. Yangshuo Guilin travel has total place of 1,428 rectangle kilometers (about 551 rectangle miles), of which contains 513 rectangle kilometers (about 198 rectangle miles) of karst development place. The karst development generates spectacular scenery in the place. There are more than 20,000 high hill hills, 17 waterways twisting between those hills. Together with thousands various forms of hill caverns, the vacationer would truly experience the organic charm of Yangshuo: the wonderful hills, the grace of the water, the spectacular shape of the hill caverns. For Chinese suppliers tourists, the most popular landscapes destinations in Yangshuo are Yangshuo Recreation area, Bilianfeng Scenery Road, Yangshuo Big Banyan Shrub, Yangshuo Celestial satellite Mountain.

Though Yangshuo has been listed individual landscapes location from Guilin for Chinese suppliers tourists, Yangshuo is a vital and important aspect of Guilin scenery. When you make a plan to journey Guilin China tour packages, Yangshuo is a must stop in your Chinese suppliers trip.%%@af$ko&we*326

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