Explore Yuwan Scenic Area

Yuwan Attractive Position, with its green hills and clear rich waters, is an area of picturesque charm that is part of the Yuntai Hill Range of Lianyungang. This region, together with other sightseeing opportunities including the Donglei Stone Sea and Liandao Beach China tour deals, is a popular spot for visitors have fun with themselves. The simple and honest individuals culture combined with the organic charm of the landscape make Yuwan an eye-catching vacationer destination. Yuwan Attractive Position is filled with many chances have fun with the wonder of nature, with websites that include quiet gorges, lavish jungles, gurgling streams and flowing falls.

During the Qing Empire, this region was simply a bay for fishers to core their boats and to protection them from the wind and surf. It was not only a good harbour China travel service to fish but also an area for the skipping delivers to re-stock their supplies of feed and h2o. It was not until 1668 that a unexpected earth quake forced the shoreline into the mountain, leading to a lot jutting out of the h2o. That area is now Yuwan Attractive Position.

Through years of effort, the Yuwan Attractive Position has become one of the most eye-catching websites for visitors with its well-protected habitat. Its falls, organic lakes, caverns, running rises, and much more, provide the opportunity for pleasure and enjoyment. The fountain near the Old Monster Pool is the biggest in Jiangsu Region, with a drop that is almost 40 metres.%%@af$ko&we*407

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