Get to know Astana-Karakhoja Ancient Tomb

Astana-Karakhoja traditional tombs China tour deals are situated 42 km (26 miles) eastern of Turpan Town. As the community graveyard of the traditional Gaochang Empire, the tombs are known as the Subterranean Art gallery of Turpan because of the spectacular traditional artifacts established there in.

The tombs are 5 km (3.1 miles) from eastern to western, and 2 km (1.2 miles) from northern to southern. Protecting an place China Educational tours of 10 sq km (about 2,471 acres), most of the tombs time frame from the end of the second millennium through to the beginning 9th millennium. The tombs were separated by family members and each of them contains many funerary things. Cash, wood made numbers, family tools and artwork, even meals are well maintained because of the dry environment. The interred systems soon became desiccated after funeral, with most of the deceased becoming mummified, though they still appear stunning and in existence.

Only three compartments are start to the community at the moment. To help in maintenance, guests must not contact the paintings within while going to.%%@af$ko&we*413

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