New world Poly Plaza China tour deals chief cable glass curtain wall: 90 meters high, 70 meters wide monolayer bi-directional point type flexible cable curtain wall, edition of a giant ranks the world’s chief; curtain wall using robust cable connection, this technique is first used in china.

Beijing’s first skyscraper atriums: 90 meters tall skyscraper atriums, no more than a thousand square meters of column type lobby, forming the male is the capital ‘s first receiving space.

Special type suspended: lobby suspension type special type suspended building techniques, domestic initiative, the design was inspired by the ancient Chinese lantern China travel service. Poly Art Museum will be located within the stilted houses.

The first domestic vertical shading louver: Wailimian using the first domestic vertical shading louver, ensure the sunlight in winter and summer shade, and the facade is full of texture.

Air water garden: set in 22, 23, plant cold-resistant evergreen Four Seasons China Holidays, creating beauty ? three-dimensional water sculpture: building prior to the establishment of 30 meters high stereo water sculpture, bright water curtain reflect 90 meters tall skyscraper glass curtain wall, to create a dynamic and competitive visual aesthetics.

City Cultural Square: building up City Cultural Plaza, planning green space, waterscape and thematic essays, form the unique features of the landscape corridor.%%@af$ko&we*415

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