Explore the area of Longji Ancient Zhuang Village after Guilin travel

Longji Historical Zhuang City China tour deals is situated in Longji Picturesque Place, enclosed by grain balconies, It is around 10 km from Heping town, 21 km from Longsheng Nation as well as about 76 km from Guilin. It is a well-preserved ancient village, which is quite near to the popular Called ping An Zhuang City. Therefore, when you visit to Longji Rice Veranda in Called ping An Zhuang City, you could try simply to move along the process to the Historical Zhuang City for around 40 minutes.

The Historical Zhuang City contains four Zhuang towns. They are Liaojia City, Houjia City, Pingduan and Pingzhai City Guilin tour with more than 70,000 cultural citizens. They still live in their own conventional way in this hilly area and hardly ever suffering from the outside. Longji Historical Zhuang City has a record of more than 430 season. It has the best-preserved, earliest but biggest wood made stilt homes of Zhuang nationality. Five of them was designed for more than 100 season and the earliest one has a record of more than 250 years.

Due to the distant range from outside, the natives in Longji Place use the regional sources. Therefore, all their homes are wood made and they also make their own special rock lifestyle. In the village, all the streets are introduced by bluestone. There are also 57 bluestone connects. Besides, visitors could find rock base for the house, rock drain, rock checkpoint of the village, rock work, rock mortar, rock walls, rock chiselling, ect, which shows the regional people’s hard-working and widom.

Longji Historical Zhuang City draws a large number of visitors with its lifestyle and record of Zhuang Nationality Guilin travel as well as its simple and unsophisticated lifestyle. %%@af$ko&we*0512

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