Where is Shihuadong National Geopark?

Shihuadong Nationwide Geopark China tour deals, one of the second group of the national geoparks accepted by the Secretary of state for Place and Sources of P.R.C., started out on Feb Twenty eighth, 2002. The Recreation area is situated on the financial institutions of Dashi Stream which moves by Hebei City and Fozizhuang Township in Fangshan Region, China. The park is 50 km away from the region center of China, and includes a space of 36.5 sq km.

The park accumulates almost all down payment groups of karst collapse the characteristics. The unusual and common organic field has experienced high popularity both at home and overseas for its variety and reliability.

What to See (the Primary Attractions)

[ Shihua Cave] At the moment, it's one of the caverns with the biggest amount of karst down payment in Chinese suppliers Tour China. There are "five wonders" in the cave: "the rock lotus in the residence of immortals", "the gold banner waving in the cave", "the harp in the monster palace", "the fairy embroidering by the table", and "the reasoning basin". They can be known as the best in China's karst caverns.

[ The Silver Fox Cave] The dry cavern joins with the h2o cavern. The additional substance down payment types crystal-clear and organic things. There are more than 80 amazing areas, and the most excellent one is "the gold fox".%%@af$ko&we*0520

[ Kongshui Cave] Kongshui Cave is 2 km away from Shihua Cave, and is a unusual h2o collapse northern Chinese suppliers China tour videos. It is a popular traditional cavern, and has already been documented in traditional records. On the walls of the cavern, there are sutra identities during the Sui and Tang interval (581-907), designed sculptures, and the identities in the Jin Empire (1115-1234).

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