Where is Chong Gu Temple?

Chong Gu Forehead China tour deals is situated 3880 metres above sea-level at the feet of the Underworld Wintry Hill. It is only way which must be approved to the holy Underworld Wintry Hill, Yangmaiyong Hill and Xianuoduoji Hill as well as the event of some Tibetan events, therefore it also keeps strong religious importance for the regional Tibetan inhabitants.

Due to its awesome place it draws hundreds-of-thousands of visitors every season and becomes a well known hiking website.About the developing of the temple China tours, there goes a tale. It is said that there were no Buddhist wats or temples in Yading place at the very starting, so the fifth creation Dalai Lama hired Expert Go Genqiujiacuo to develop one. Little did he think that the splitting the mountain infuriated the God of Hill. As penalties, lepriasis distribute out in the place. Seeing that individuals were tormented by the pestilence, the actual experienced so grieved and made the decision to preserve the individuals by studying Buddhist sutras and wishing day and evening. Thanks to his effort, the individuals got well by and by. However, the actual himself used up his energy and approved away. To keep in mind his philanthropic act, individuals hidden him on the lawn and accumulated rocks on his grave. Year after season, the grave was placed greater and greater and lastly established the Chung Gu Forehead %%@af$ko&we*0521

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