Learn the Chinese culture - Art on Coal

The first Chinese suppliers Fossil fuel Chiselling Works of art Display China tour deals was released in Liupanshui city in South west China's Guizhou Region on This summer 30. It is the first large-scale coal designs exhibition in Chinese suppliers and the world to function several impressive features -- its huge range, new content and unique components.

A "first" in history

The exhibition features a 280-meter-long, 2.5-meter-high comfort, and more than 20 huge statues presenting unique designs and strong, difficult designs visit China, gaining thousands of guests.

In addition, there are thousands of artworks by popular coal artists or coal craftwork companies, such as "Mineworkers", "Deep Feeling Between Dad and Son", "Harmony," and so on, which indicate the lifestyles of mineworkers and community societies and traditions.

"Harmony" represents moments of Miao, Yi and Buyei ethnic-minority women, wearing wonderful outfits, enjoying the zither and defeating percussion. The delighted and good pictures take guests back to the age-old hilly towns with green bamboo bedding jungles, gurgling features, melodious tweedle and shiny drumbeats.

Raw materials

Coal carving handiworks always use jet China Educational tours - a hard dark nutrient acquired from coal joint that can be refined vibrantly -- as their basic content. It is dark and glowing, strong and wearable. With its light quality and great solidity, jet has been hidden strong in the levels of our planet for an incredible number of years.%%@af$ko&we*0526

However, extreme exploration has created jet limited. The coal designs in this exhibition are, based on modern carving art ideas and technology, created from a mixture of jet powdered and fibreglass.

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