What is The Candle Dragon?

Why you can find the modify of the four seasons China tour deals? Why does day different with night? This it all because there lifestyles a highly effective Candlestick Monster.

It was said that, to the northern of the Chishui Stream beyond the remote North west Sea, there was an unusual hill known as Zhangwei Mountain, in which resided a wonderful god of hill who used a individual experience, yet with a bending snake-like individual body of more than 1000 li.The whole individual body of the hill god was thoroughly red like a fantastic dragon. His sight were also quite different from common individuals, like two olives top to bottom installed on the experience, which transformed into two directly cuts when he shut them.

The hill god was so great that when he shut his sight, evening befell our planet and when he started out them Tours in China, the globe transformed into daytime. He winked and winked, and times or weeks happened simultaneously.%%@af$ko&we*0528

The hill god never rested and he always curled up there without consuming, consuming or respiration. Once he inhaled, there would appear the intense breeze and large rain; once he blew, there would be winter time in a second with the sky loaded with dark atmosphere and large snowfall storms; once he sniffed, there would be midsummer before you know it with sizzling sun that could even burn the rocks.

The red and lengthy individual body of the hill god could glow divinely, and even the dark and strong subterranean was brightened. He often organised in oral cavity a candle whitening the dark China Holidays checkpoint of paradise in the northern, thus he was known as "Candle Dragon" or "Candle Yin",

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