Get to know Bronze Workshops in Zhouyuan

In Apr 2003, the remains of brown classes from the European Zhou Empire China tour deals (11th century-711BC) were uncovered in the Zhouyuan place of Baoji City, North west China's Shaanxi Region. Growing across Zhuangbai and Lijia towns, the website was named the Lijia (Li Family) Bronze Workshops, with an place of 875 rectangle metres. Here, archeologists discovered the remains of 120 ash sets, eight house fundamentals, two bore holes, three ash ditches, 35 tombs and one horse-and-chariot pit.

The website collected a huge number of ceramic and brown artifacts. The most interesting artifacts consist of a number of ceramic fits with complex engravings discovered in six ash sets. Other artifacts consist of damage s, containers, brown alarms, brown control buttons and other equipment. These unusual and valuable items bear amazing identities and wonderful designs.

Handicrafts developed during this interval and the brown industry was especially essential. Bronze works greatly increased in quality China travel service, quantity and variety so that their utilization fitted nearly every aspect of everyday life.


Known as the house of Chinese suppliers brown ware , Zhouyuan has created bulk of historical brown ware. The exact place of the brown manufacturing center, however, stayed a secret until the finding of the Lijia Bronze Work shop Site, which has provided strong proof about where brown ware was created and confirmed the high technical standard of brown manufacturing during the interval. The finding of the workshop filled an essential gap in the history of brown.

Zhouyuan Site

Zhouyuan has been a value chest of historical brown ware China Photography Tours for decades. In the middle of Shaanxi Region, Zhouyuan has performed a crucial role in discovering the source of the pre-Zhou societies, as well as the social, governmental, economic and social improvements of the European Zhou Empire.

The Zhouyuan website, situated at the boundary of Fufeng and Qishan areas, was listed as a website under top Condition protection by the Condition Authorities . In 1976, a group of 103 European Zhou brown pieces was uncovered at Zhuangbai town, illustrating attention from archaeologists both house and overseas.

The brown lifestyle has been one of the smartest sections in historical Chinese suppliers society for millions of years. The entire western place of the Shaanxi Main Simply is recognized as the Sacred Land of Bronze. The central area of this place is situated in Zhouyuan.

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