Where is Mengzi Temple?

Mengzi is a popular thinker and educationist in Warring Declares in China suppliers, he was a official getting pupil of Confucian university China tour deals. He is well known as the "Yasheng" by subsequent students only next to Confucius.

The Mengzi Forehead was designed in 4th season of Northern Music Empire in 1037. Initially it was designed near the Mengzi Graveyard in Zoucheng.

Since it is far from the town of Zou, it is not easy to look at it with regard and offer forfeit to gods, so the imperial judge requested to shift the temple to modern deal with in Zhenhe Year of Northern Music Empire in 1121. Later the Mengzi Forehead China tour was increased consistently, until Ming Empire the temple became existing opportunity.

The Mengzi Forehead is situated north and experiencing southern, separated front side and rear five courtyards, completely 64 places. The main development is the Yasheng Area, it is the middle of the Mengzi Forehead, remaining and right places organize symmetrically. The top side is twenty courtyards and returning is separated into remaining, middle and right three ways.

In the temple the structure of designs is very wide and the structure of each courtyard is different.%%@af$ko&we*0602 hot china travel itineraries at chinatour.com like Shanghai travel

In the temple there are bed room places, the Mengzi's Mom Area, the Imperial Product Pavilion and so on with different attribute. The Mengzi's Mom Area is on the northeast area of the Mengzi Forehead, at the front side of the hall there is a rock tablet designed four big figures "Mother Inform One Man", displaying the biggest regard to the Mengzi's mother.

Additionally, in the Mengzi Forehead there enshrined more than 350 designs and pills. The whole temple is an creative art gallery with China historical development, statue and illustrating technological innovation. It stands out with the Confucian Forehead in Qufu and it is worth going to as a "culture visiting".

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