Hangzhou travel experience - Yellow Dragon Cave

The checkpoint of the Yellow-colored Monster Cavern China tour deals is very easy, on which engraved with an antithetical several.

The moments in the lawn are half-artificial and 50 percent natural. The primary picturesque identify in the lawn are Pavilion of Fresh Snowfall, Pavilion of Status Motorised hoist, and a dragonhead shaped on a high cliff. The dragon's go is the idol of the lawn. Springtime water comes out of the dragonhead and moves into the lake below.

Beside the lake appears a rock, on which engraved with eight China numbers significance, "If there is dragon in the lake, it will be wonderful. So, the detail of the lake is unimportant".

The Bamboo bedding Garden, which is reverse the Vermilion Area, is exclusive in the Yellow-colored Monster Cavern. In the lawn develops a huge assortment of bamboo, such as 33-meters great mao bamboo, several-inch-high white-colored bamboo, violet bamboo, natural bamboo with fantastic spots, rectangle bamboo and so on.

While seeing so many types of bamboo, you will gasp in appreciation for the outstanding workmanship of the characteristics China travel.

The Yellow-colored Monster Cavern is easy but stylish lawn. It sets out as an vintage recreation area by the Hangzhou municipality. There are teahouse, bottles store, cinema, Veranda of Wishing for Rainfall, and other historical enjoyment.%%@af$ko&we*0603

After going to the lawn, you can also flavor the regional tastes, such as China Educational tours Tianhua Steamed Packed Which consists of dumplings, Ten-Flavor Dumpling Broth, Vapor Dessert, and so on. Individuals said that these tastes were very well-known in Songs Empire (960 ~ 1279A.D.).

You can also pay attention to the historical China music in the pavilion. This vintage lawn can make your journey more exciting.


The Yellow-colored Monster Cavern associates with two famous numbers in record. One is Master Huangshi in Qin Empire (248 ~ 207B.C.). The old man saw Zhang Liang arriving up and purposely punch off his footwear and requested Zhang Liang to put on for him. The Cavern of Underworld Huang in the lawn was exclusively designed for individuals honor him.

Another determine is the Creator of the Yellow-colored Monster Cavern. According to the tale, the founder was monk Huikai who remaining Jiangxi Region and came to Xixiashan to expound the Buddhism. Huikai established the lawn so that the enthusiasts to Buddha could come here to pay attention to him to expound the scriptures of Buddhism.

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