Winter travel destination - Travel to The Sun Island

According to Journey Guide to Harbin Harbin Tour, Sun Isle Recreation place is situated on the big island of hawaii in Harbin and also on several smaller islands nearby in the Songhua Stream. The name of the Sun Isle came from the Manzhou language. The anglers of Man cultural call a kind of Fang seafood "Taiyi'an" in the Songhua Stream. After spread for a lengthy period, it became "the Sun Island" in the contents of "The History of Ch'ing Dynasty". In other words near the Sun Isle is abundant Fang seafood. During summer time season and the ice event there are many different programs and lots of things traveling In the winter weather, the place is packed with snowfall and is a winter time wonderland.

There are several activities that individuals can play, including ice tennis, boarding, sledding and others. The Snow Chiselling Festival China tour deals is also situated here every year and is an attraction that must be seen if you are lucky enough to be here in the winter weather. The picturesque place of the Sun Isle is writing with 20 picturesque spots. Such as the h2o pavilion and loud sky, youth's family, riverside pavilion, water fall and flying water fall, Sun Mountain and Lotus Pond, taking up an place of 38 rectangle km.The h2o pavilion and reasoning sky has the character "the park within the park", inside the park there are lengthy area, rectangle developing, and Sun Pond. Standing on the platform of the developing, you can appreciate the scenery of the place from different angels.

The summer several weeks season on the place are also awesome, and a lot hotter. There is a fantastic beach swimming China tour resort and sanatorium on the place, which is situated near several great seashores and many ponds. People often swimming, sun bath, boat or do other summer several weeks activities. During summer time time season there is a fair ground and h2o world for individuals to visit. There is also a large garden on the place that is pretty to walk through in summer time season season. The park is filled with hidden routes and many buildings that provide a awesome relaxing trip from the busy city.

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