The types of Chinese knot and its types

Buying a local souvenir is an indispensable things for popular China tour. Chinese knot may be your best choice because it is cheap and convinient to carry. The following introduce you the original of Chinese knots.

The much-discussed topic of making records by the knots of the rope demonstrated the important role of the knots in the development of the human being. According to the historical literature of Book of Changes, and the Annotations of The Book of Changes by Zheng Xuan in the Eastern Han Dynasty, knots are endued with the legal meaning of contract and agreement and meanwhile it functions as a tool to record historical events. Therefore, knots are much respected by the Chinese. With the passing of time, the recording method changes from the rope, the oracle bone, paper and brush, lead and fire up to fire and electric. Nowadays, the tiny colorful rope is no longer used as a recording method; however, tangling it into all kinds of knots revives a string of beautiful ancient legendary stories.

It can be bought in the most cities of China. Even you have Hong Kong tours, you can also buy it in a boutique.

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