Where is Yangminshan?

Yangminshan (Yangmin Mountain China tour deals) is located at due northern of Taipei city proper of Taiwan Region, 443 metres above sea level, and is well known for its natural hill sources, hot rises, falls and woodlands recreational areas.

Yangminshan Attractive Identify is accepted by hills from every side with shiny sunlight and spectacular vision all the season long and positive atmosphere of variety after variety of hills upfolding in all their majesty. It is a vacationer center in the northern part of Taiwan and indeed also one of the summer hotels. Plan of its development started in 1963 and it was built into a nationwide recreation area in 1982, and is greatest and the most wonderful suv recreation area of Taiwan Region. It is separated into the top side and returning hill recreational areas China tours.

In the Front Mountain Park, there are many pavilions and amazingly sources operating down from the lower hill valleys through connects moving along both financial institutions of the sensitive and wonderful Yangmin Lake, placed with azalea and cherry blossoms. Going sailing on the river, it looks as if one placed himself in the picturesque landscapes of Southern Chinese suppliers. On the side of the path resulting in Jin Mountain of the Front Mountain Park, there is a "Grass Mountain Waterfall" as spectacular as a white-colored ribbons, streaming constantly all the season long.

In the Back Mountain Park, there can be found the lotion of the picturesque landscapes of the Yangminshan, comprising the Yangminshan Attractive Identify. Starting from delayed Feb to early Apr every season, the plant season of the Yangminshan starts with azalea and cherry blossoms in complete plant. With the charming blossoms everywhere, the recreation area is a fire of color. Besides, camelia, apple and plum plant and apricot are competing with each other in complete plant all over the hills and valleys, giving forth their beauty and giving perfume. While walking unhurriedly in the wonderful Yangminshan under the red sky with white-colored atmosphere, one seems as though he were in a landscapes artwork. In addition, there are such wonderful scenic areas Business travel to China as "Strange Stones of the Mountain Stream", "Lotus Flower Pond", "Paradise for the Fish", "Waterside Terrace" and "Yangmin Traveling Cataract".

There can be found a well-known hot springtime in the Yangminshan Attractive Identify, which is one of the four greatest hot rises of Taiwan, popping out of the Qixing Mountain foot, turned out to be genuine hydrogen sulphide springtime. The circulation of the springtime is tremendous and smashes into sources operating constantly all the season long.

Furthermore, Yangminshan Attractive Identify is also popular for its grasslands, the walnut red results in, seeing stars, multi-colour parrots and such wild creatures animals as hares rhesus apes and others. '

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