Famous Guilin attractions - Elephant Trunk Hill

Hippo Footwear Mountain China tour deals, which is located at the confluence of the Taohua Stream and the Lijiang Stream, is just like a huge elephant normal h2o from the stream with its trunk, hence the name.

Shui Yue Cavern (Water Celestial satellite Cave), the circular starting which is between the back and the feet, got the name because the representation of the moon could be seen through the posture, and it looks like it is under the h2o and sailing on the outer lining area of the h2o at the same time. It will be loving to boat through the semi-round cave China tours when the stream is loaded with h2o with “half moon” under the h2o.

The cave of the eyes of the elephant, which can be found in the hillside, is an ideal position to enjoy the spectacular view of Guilin. Besides, on the top of the hill and enclosed with green plants, there is a 2-storey pagoda which was built in the Ming Empire, of which the northern chair of the second floor is decorated with an picture of Bodhisattva Puxian. The pagoda looks like a valuable container on the back of the elephant when lookingfrom the range, and there are many stars of these pagoda among natives.

Elephant Footwear Mountain, as the icon of Guilin Guilin tour, is the main picturesque spot of the Hippo Footwear Mountain Recreation area. There are also some other popular picturesque areas, such as Yunfeng Monastery, Aiqing Dao (Love Island) etc.

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