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As one of the popular mountains of the Gem Stream Delta, China tour deals Lotus Hill is one of sightseeings in Guangzhou. It is in the southern outskirt of Panyu Town, 20km from Guangzhou and 60 sea kilometers from Hong Kong. Protecting an area of 2.54sq km, Lotus Hill is contains 48 red sandstone low mountains, the biggest of which is just 108m in size. It has the best maintained historical quarry site, with a record of 2000 decades in Chinese suppliers. Due to its good geographical place, the lotus city itself was designed during the Kangxi's rule of the Qing Empire (1644-1911). Here you can see the silver law of the Goddess of Whim, which is the greatest in the world. The sculpture was throw in 1994 and cost about 120 loads of brown and 180 taels of silver covering and actions 40.88m. The Lotus Hill Vacationer Hotel reveals a mixture of historical toughness and contemporary intracacies. If you journey in Guangzhou, you can’t skip it.

As beginning as the European Han (206 BC - 24 AD), the quarry performs start from each of previous times dynasties, and keep behind a heritage of plenty of spectacular red sandstone coves, dangerous mountains, stelae and twisting stone jungles and grottoes. There are some other destinations that should not skipped, such as the Lion Stone (Shi Zi Shi), the Take Rock (Yan Zi Yan), Huge eagle High cliff (Fei Ying Ya) and Goddess of Whim Rock (Guan Yin Yan), as they established the primary stone scenery of this historical stone garden. Meanwhile Business travel to China, you can appreciate the different attractiveness of these stones.

Seen from the top of Take Rock, it was just enclosed by four coves, developing the wide sky into a little well. The great tottering coves are spectacular and interesting. It has a extensive of grape vines on the stones, which are just like a natural walls, developing a amazing watercolor artwork in the flourishing year. Due to its spectacular elegance, it is often chosen regularly as choice place by movie and TV administrators.

There is an reverse image coloured in the Huge eagle High cliff. Looking down from the Huge eagle China tours High cliff, you will see crisscrossing streets, wide rich area, and endless Gem Stream twisting to the eastern.

The Lotus Hill is also sometimes known as the "Lion Hill", because the Lion Stone relaxing in the southern part of the Lotus Hill and the stone lion roared towards the route of the Gem Stream. According to archaeologist, Lotus Hill was just a little isle in previous times. However, with moving time, the area raised and sea level decreased, consequently, the mountain is nowadays you look. Due to ongoing break down and enduring, the Lion Stone initially a stone on the part of the little isle, took the present form. What you see nowadays is caused by century, isn’t it miraculous?

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