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Located in the Qujiang Hotel, south east of the Xian City China tour deals, Tang Paradise (Chinese: Da Tang Fu Rong Yuan) is a recently started out vacationer fascination in Apr, 2005, near the Big Crazy Goose Pagoda. The total area of Tang Paradise is about 165 miles and of which about 49 miles is h2o. Xian Tang Paradise is not only the greatest social amusement recreation area in the north west area of China suppliers but also the royal-garden-like recreation area, showing the grandness, success and elegance of the lifestyle of the Tang Empire with 12 picturesque regions。

Tang Paradise is not only a lawn method of h2o and hills in the China conventional sense. The excellent developers have incorporated almost everything associate of the Tang Empire, such as the poems, the music and dancing, the women’s way of life, the technology, the food and the market segments into every site with identifying styles. All of the structures in Tang Paradise China tours are built in Tang Empire structural types. Besides, in Tang Paradise, there are music and dancing reveals about the society of the Tang Empire.

While coming into Tang Paradise, you can fragrance the fragrance of the incense losing. Every few metres on both ends of the routes in Tang Paradise, there is an incense losing which looks like a road light. 1.5 metres high with incense rings losing inside, the incense losing make the whole place with fragrance like strange Xanadu. Wherever you walk in Tang Paradies, you will be accepted by its weak redolence.

Moreover, the h2o film which statements to be the major in the whole world will Business travel to China make an impression on everyone. The display of the film is a film of water; thus it can create a special kind of visual effect which makes the structure tridimensional. Every time the numbers in the film appear on the display, it seems that they are traveling to the sky or coming down from the heaven. Hard to explain it strongly, but as you have chance to Xian, highly recommend you take a look there for it is recognized as 'Garden of History', 'Garden of Spirit', 'Garden of Nature', 'Garden of Human Culture' and 'Garden of Art'.

Tang Paradise also has many firsts.

1. The first and biggest range of structures made on the Tang design in China

2. The first and most significant categories of statues to show the graceful lifestyle in the Tang Empire China suppliers.

3. the first and greatest single structure made on the Tang design throughout China

4. The first amusement recreation area in China suppliers to serve the five feelings (vision, listening to, fragrance, touch and taste), and the most amazing h2o film on this planet.

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