Travel Guide - Scenic Area of the Meixi Memorial Archways

Standing at the Meixi village Qianshan Town Xiangzhou District of Zhuhai China tour deals, the Meixi Memorial Archways consists of three elegant stone archways. It was build under the order of Emperor Guangxu to honor Chen Fang, the first chief consul of the Honolulu of the Qing Government. Nowadays, the Meixi Memorial Archways serve as key historic sites under the state's special protection.

Chen Fang, who was born in Meixi Village, was forced to leave his homeland for Honolulu in America for a living in 1849. With running sugar cane business China tours, he later acquired his wealth and returned to his home in 1890 and denoted large amount of money in public service, so the three archways were built to memorize Chen Fang’s great dedication.

With an area of about 126,000 square meters, the Scenic Area of the Meixi Memorial Archways consists of Mr. Chen Fang's former house Business travel to China, the Chen family's garden, the Meixi Memorial Archways and the graveyard of Chen Fang's family. Besides, the Chen Fang's family history, Chinese stone archways, Zhuhai famous people's waxworks are exhibited here. Recently it has also added "the Chinese folk craftwork workshop" and performances, such as the Sichuan Opera "Changing Face" and acrobatics, etc.

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