Where is Yumbu Lakang?

Yumbu Lakang, well-known as the first structure in Tibet Tibet Travel record, is one of the first structures in Tibet. The Yumbalagang also known as as Yumbu Lakang is situated on top of the hill at the east financial institution of the Yalong Stream, Naidong Prefecture, Shan Nan, Tibet. After Songtsen Gampo moved his investment to Lhasa, Yumbu Lakang became a church and modified to a Gulugpa monastery during the rule of the Fifth Dalai Lama. Tibet leaders and their ministers are enshrined in a little church. Upper level is a little chanting area, which homes Chenrezi and Sakyamuni.

Additionally, there are sculptures of Tibetan imperial close relatives such as Wencheng Queen and Nepal Chizun Queen affordable China tours. The chiselling technological innovation of each sculpture is very wonderful and along with is very fantastic, absolutely displaying the way of Tibetan leaders and imperial family associates. In Tibetan, the Yumbulagang means the structure of mom and son. Its development is mainly separated into two areas including the top side aspect which is a multi-layer structure greater and greater, while the returning aspect is a rectangle watchtower of pillbox type made of rocks.

The front side and returning are entirely different from each other. There are two templates and two watchtowers, but they have the reliability and whole like a couple of mom and son. You can go up from southern hill to the structure. In the structure bulk of historical ancient artifacts are still maintained now and they are the important components to understand life and record of historical Tibet.

Yumbu Lakang is definitely one of the well-known sightseeing opportunities tours in China in Chinese suppliers. It is worth spending a check out while traveling the nation. This place will keep a attractive and memorable storage and rationalize the extremely pleased social custom of Chinese suppliers.

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