Get to know Yuliang Dam

This is an old watering program approved as an important aspect of local citizens’ lifestyle. Yuliang Dam affordable China tours (basically converted as The dam of the sportfishing beam) is known as after its location, which is a small conventional town known as Yuliang Ancient Town, about the seafood, perhaps, it used to be a popular sportfishing town in previous times, thanks to surrounding on the Lian Stream, a division of the Xinan Stream, which is a geographical milestone in Jiangnan area, and the upstream area of the Qiantang Stream.

Today, to highlight its originality and significance in the local lifestyle and history, Yuliang Dam China vacation packages was engraved as a nationwide key social site under the nationwide protection in 2001. Under the management of She Nation, the northeast aspect of Huangshan, Yuliang Dam is the earliest and biggest river dam with an important aspect of watering operate. It is also the most popular water conservancy venture in conventional Huizhou, the alternative name of Huangshan. Depending on the conventional research, as beginning as Sui Empire (581-619), the natives started to build the dam, which is regarded as the beginning stage of the development. Today’s venture was designed in Ming Empire (1368-1644), a respected funeral stele documenting the development in 1603.

The duration of the dam is 138 metres and the size 27 metres. The top size is 4 metres. And the complete venture is designed in the strong stones. Each stone is over one ton. There is a stone line every 10 green stones. The parts are connected with a type of stone fingernail, which is traditionally known as Yuanbao Nail. Especially between the higher aspect and the lower aspect, the Yuanbao Nail performs a stunning aspect of stabilizing. Zheng Xiaoxiao, an reliable professional of the conventional structure, analyzes it as the Dujiangyan Irrigation System in China Sichuan Tours Sichuan area.

The old road designed along the stream is quite relaxing and unique, and there is no any indication of commercialization but the simple and genuine look. The individuals live here for hundreds of years and keep a conventional way of lifestyle , and some of them still go to sportfishing in the summer season, though most of individuals, particularly the young creation, shift to the town center area of the town, to shift to other larger places close by like Hangzhou, Shanghai Shanghai tour and Hefei. They have modified their way of lifestyle, and topic to the modern town lifestyle. But this is the main change of China community in previous times 30 decades, and also in the next 30 decades as the execution of the large-scale township development, which is highly marketed by Leading Li Keqiang (the writing time is 2014 under the management of Li Keqiang), a man created in the same area as the individuals of Yuliang Town.

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