Enjoy the beauty of The Bamboo Sea

In the boundary of Changning and Jiang'an, around 70km southern east of Yibin via Changning Tour China, the outstanding South Sichuan Bamboo bedding Sea ('Shunan Zhuhai' in China Pinyin) includes an area of 120sqkm of hill mountains at an level from 600 to 1000m. In its main area, more than 5000 hectares of bamboo housing 28 side and mountains, with many social artifacts and ancient websites tested by the feathery natural tufts. There are Bamboo bedding Sea Art gallery, old individuals homes on Install Xijia and seafood past. It is a relatively big primeval environmental bamboo woodlands mixing mountains, waterways, karst caverns, ponds and drops with synthetic moments of long record.

The mountains within the Bamboo bedding Sea are amazingly black, with the high, slimmer trunks attaining up 10m or more. Routes cause into the woodlands China tour packages, an uncommon move given such a huge field of just the one type of place. For the best opinions of the 'sea', however, go up the mountains above to a spreading of wats or temples, from where the bowed guidelines of bamboo swell in surf as sea breezes brush the mountains. The best of the shrines is the Buddhist-Taoist Feiyun Dong , which contains some really repulsive Ming-dynasty statues.

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