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Qiangtang, the significance of "northern highland", represents the north Tibet Travel Tibetan level. Situated in among kunlung hills,Tanggula hills and Ganddis hills,its area position includes 2/3 of the whole Tibet.It's complete position is over 600 million rectangle miles calculating about 4000 metres above sealevel. Cool, Breezy and wintry for 8 or 9 several weeks in a season and freezing area can be seen everywhere. An old individuals music performs like this: "The strange Qiangtang, it is so crazy and lonely when you are here the first time; it becomes your charming neighborhood when you get to know more.Qiangtang Grasslan

The north of Qiangtang Plateau Visit china is even known as No People Area,thus the position becomes the perfect residing space of unusual creatures,including the north of the Gangdisi Mountains and Nyainqen-tanggula Mountains and the extensive position southern of Kunlun Mountains.Qiang Tang Grasssland types a large variety of wildlife,and 40 of them are exclusively proteced by the condition or local govt.Such unusual creatures as Wild yaks,Bharals,Tibetan crazy donkeys,White-lipped deer,etc.are being well maintained in the position.Also it is the best maintained position in which unusual creatures studies are being performed.

In Qiangtang Characteristics Source,there are extensive prairies and snow,numerous hills and ponds,hot rises,terrestrial warms.The fantastic season is the interval from July to Sept,during which the heat variety can achieve 7-12C and the north of Tibetan level will take on a specutacular perspective before you with soothing breeze,mild sunlight,lush grazing and huge amount of cattles and lambs.

It is also the primary platform for creature husbandry, having a a lot of different field area and lawn of top high quality. The popular "plateau boat" Yak and Tibetan antelope just reside in this position. The herdsmen's houses "dong wozi" are mostly located by the feet hills and the edges of ponds. When summer season comes, they put their easy packaging on horses, roaming and herding around the endless prairie China vacations, the melodious music associated with with their modifying actions. The herdsmen tremble away the lengthy solitude by diligent and performing in the severe nature, developing their wonderful and vibrant life.

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