Get to know Gulangyu Sunlight Rock Scenic Area

Also known as Huang Stone, Sunshine Stone Tour China is the most popular picturesque identify in Xiamen. Sunshine Stone includes two hugh stones, one horizontally and the other straight. The two stones bending on with each other, with an level of 92.68 metres, type the biggest identify of Gulangyu Isle. The substantial and strong stones in the hills type many caverns and gullies, while pavilions, kiosks and balconies are nestled away in the lushly increasing forest. When Zheng Chenggong, China's nationwide idol, retrieved Taiwan, his soldiers were positioned here, making behind a lot of experiences.

Located in this place, Sunshine Stone Forehead is one of the four top Buddhist wats or temples in Xiamen. The temple was first designed in the Ming Empire and was popular far and extensive, gaining achieved priests throughout the dynasties.

What to See

Sunlight Rock's earliest chiselling top China tours was engraved about 400 decades ago on a rock near the primary checkpoint and flows, "Gulang Dongtian": "Gulangyu—a Fairyland." The 100-year-old figures to the remaining study, "Lujiang Diyi". The horizontally figures, "Tianfeng Haitao", designed in 1915, recommend that you can listen to both roaring breeze and flaming sea as you go up Sunshine Stone.

Sunlight Stone Forehead, one of Xiamen's four most essential wats or temples during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, was designed between 1506 and 1521 and known as Lotus Forehead. It was renewed in 1596 and relabeled Sunshine Stone Forehead, and is now devoted to praise of Guanyin, goddess of whim (a formerly men deity whom China females modified to females over 1,000 decades ago because they experienced men deities were unsympathetic to their needs).

Sunlight Stone Scenic Area is Xiamen's leading vacationer fascination. There is a saying that if you have not ascended Sunshine Stone China Train Tours, you have not really been to Xiamen.

Journey Tips

Climate: There is a collapse Sunshine Stone picturesque place. It is an perfect website to get rid of the warm summer season. So summertime are the best season traveling to Sunshine Stone picturesque place.

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