Ancient Chinese Ornaments Expressing Love

Jade pendant

If you have a China travel and want to buy souvenirs for your wife or your daught or your femal friends, I think jade pendant is a best choice. The following introduce the ancient jade pendant in China.

Chinese people were fond of jade in the ancient time. There is an old saying that “Men of honor will keep jade with them, and with reasons.” Letters on Ancient Poems explains that “Decorating tassel with jade symbolizes knot of love.” Luoying was a colorful silk belt tied by women in the ancient when they got married, showing they were affiliated with their husbands. Jieli was another term in the old days to describe people getting married. There is a line in The Book of Songs, “When a daughter gets married, the mother would remind her again and again to keep fine appearances.” It depicted the scene that when a daughter was married, the mother was reluctant to part the daughter, whispered to her, while helping her bind up the silk tassel.

True lover's knot

Sources of Poems had a story in which Wen Zhou fell in love with his neighbor Miss Jiang. He sent her a crystal pin as a token of love. Miss Jiang opened up her workbox, fetched twin threads, threaded them into a twin needle, and wove a true lover’s knot to return it to Wen. Plain threads imply purity, while needle sounds the same as chastity in Chinese.

Weave a brocade belt into a circular true lover's knot and return it to the lover, It has contained all the unbroken love and passions. Xiao Yan, who was Emperor Wudi of Liang Dynasty, wrote a poem with the lines “dual-Yee waist belt, dream for the end of one mind.” Lin Bu, a poet of the Song Dynasty, left us a Ci-poem reading “Tears from your eyes, tears from mine eyes, could silken girdle strengthen our heart-to-heart ties? O see the river rise!”

Words are the voice of the mind, as in the lines “heaven is forever young, love never gives up, my heart is bound like a net, with thousands of knots inside.” The Chinese word “knot” was simply like a net “bear in mind constantly, fasten the emotions with knots.” However, it could not catch all in one draft the stories of the idiotic lovers in the world. We could only witness the sight with dismay.

The patterns of jade pendant is very different between Han and ethnic groups. If you have a Shangri-La tour to the enthnic group of Yunnan, you will find the difference.

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