Enjoy the view of Chaohu Lake Scenery Spot

Chaohu Pond, or Jiaohu Pond China travel service, is the 5th greatest lake in Chinese suppliers, includes an place of 769.5 rectangle miles. Several sources like Hangbu Stream, Fengle Stream, Nanfei Stream, Shangpai Stream and Zhegao Stream associate together in Yuxi Stream and add into this lake, thus it has a wealthy water system.

Chaohu Pond Landscapes Identify is popular for its wonderful scenery, soothing surf, hot rises and gold seafood.

Take a fowl perspective of the stream, you will find hills enclosed just type a dragon-shaped summarize for the stream, the Mushan Islet China tour packages, is just like an elliptical exerciser shiny gem falls on the middle of the stream and type its eye.

The Mushan Islet’s border is about 4 km, includes an place of 1 rectangle miles, with an elevation of 115m. There are hills extending on the islet, the plants protection is up to 80%. Besides, the islet is loaded with social artifacts. On the top of the hill, Wenfeng Structure, which was designed in 1631, gone through the ages, appears still. Then there are Wang’gu, Hushang and Wangmu three pavilions develop in the hill, plus one forehead develops on the mountainside to praise the goddess of Chaohu Pond.

Around the Chaohu Pond, there are hot rises, among which, Ban Tang Springtime, Xiang Quan Springtime and Tang Chi Springtime China tour deals are the three popular spring categories and entice individuals from very far.

There seems a different world under floor. Within the scenery spot, individuals discovered remedy crevice, valleys and rises. The non-renewable of popular Chaohu Saurus, an historical lizard animal lifestyles in beginning Trias, also been discovered resting strong for ten million years.

Chaohu Pond can be found in Chaohu Town, but only 72 km away from Hefei Town. The venture of Hefei-Chaohe Pond Touring High Way is on handling, then it will take only one time to achieve each other.

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