Explore the area of Ngari - Yamdrok Lake

From north Tibet Tibet Travel to Ngari, during these 12 days, we had experienced the amazing landscapes of Tibetan ponds, we approved the genuine and red Namtso Pond, the natural Basum Pond, the strange and adjustable Pond Rakshastal, sacred and genuine Pond Manasarovar; when we were going back to Lhasa, the last level lake showed up, that was the wonderful and wonderful Yamdrok Pond.

The red lake sets quietly on the Ganbala Area, like a piece of shining and transparent jade massage beds, delivering out heavenly light. Here, you can enjoy the wide lake ripples, natural hills, luxurious lakeside, enjoyment flocks and herds, etc...What a good image is!

Yamdrok Pond is one of the three biggest sacred ponds in Tibet China travel service, known as the world's most wonderful h2o. It was considered as "fairy spreading aqua blue ear drop" in the Tibetan people's mind, because no matter which position you status, you can't see the whole image of this lake. It deep h2o looks like a red hada wriggling in the hills which are about one hundred and thirty miles in length. Only in the map, or status out in the wild, you can surprisedly see that it looks like a ear fall that decorated in the helix of the hills.

Our car ceased and went along the river to appreciate the attractiveness of this ponds from every position. From manufactured to the evening, the h2o provided various wealthy red view to us due to the sunshine in different time.

Time went by, the sunshine progressively became boring, the darkness different, and the paradise and world revealed its limitless elegance, at this moment, I lastly recognized why Tibetans would use "Heaven's wonderland, planet's Yamdrok" to explain Yamdrok Pond China tour packages. This kind of huge elegance can only be sampled by your heart.

After sundown, we were hesitant to part from Yamdrok Pond to Lhasa.

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