Explore the area of Colorful Shuangqiao Gully of Four-Girl Mountain

Shuangqiao Gully expands 34.8 km and includes an place of about 216.6 rectangle km. This picturesque place Tour China includes three segments. In the gully, people can perspective more than 10 snowfall hills over 4,000 metres above sea stage each.

The lower place is the Yangliu Link with some strange moments such as the Yinyang Gully, a poplar forestry remove, the Sun and Celestial satellite and Valuable Reflection Hill, and the Five-Color Hill.

The center place is the Nianyu Dam, such as the Renshenguo Level Floor, a sand thorn woodlands, Jianshanzi, Jiujiahai, and other picturesque websites.

The higher area is the Niupengzi Garden and Changhe Beach, such as the Seeker Optimum, Niupengzi China travel agents, the Changhe Dam, and other picturesque websites.

Among the picturesque websites, the Ape and Seeker hills are very unbelievable, and those hills and rocks with various strange stars such as the Five-Color and Plenilune hills show their special soul.

The roadways twisting through the Shuangqiao Gully sequence together all the strange and wonderful picturesque websites like a stunning amazing pendant.

Steep low coves flank the near the edge of the place. The hopeless night of the valley's inside presents a distinct comparison with the stunning lighting outside. The sepulchral quiet is pierced occasionally by the splattering, flowing streamlets. No wonder this part of the place is nicknamed as Student tours to China "The Valley of Mood."

After walking for several miles along twisting routes, the quiet and dark narrowness progressively reveals up, allowing light slide through. The zigzags gradually lead to the valley's open place.

In Oct, characteristics generously originates its fall elegance. It mantles every bit, from the place bottom all the way up to the height, with a scheme of violet, lemon yellow-colored, deep brownish, stunning violet, pearl blue, and blackish green. All the hills, plants, grasslands, sources, and water falls are completely bared in their natural being, fresh and untainted by man. Though only a few family members occupy the place China travel video, the structural styles of their homes are in complete balance with the environment.

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