General information on Suzhou Steles Museum

The Suzhou Steles Art gallery is a specific museum China travel service in Chinese suppliers. Situated within the Confucian Forehead at Renmin Street of Suzhou Town in Jiangsu Region, the museum was started out to the community on This summer 10, 1985.

The museum features over 1,000 steles, of which four map steles of the Southeast Music Empire (1127-1279) are the most popular, such as the stele of the China vacation packages Pingjiang Map, the stele of the Substantial Map, the stele of the Regional Map and the stele of Music Emperor Shaoyuan.

Besides, there are other stele identities illustrating the develop of business and farming in the place of the delayed Ming & Qing dynasties (1368-1911). The museum is a analysis middle of stele components in Southern Chinese suppliers.

In the Dacheng Part of the museum, there is an display of Suzhou Steles and Artistry China tour operator, separated in four areas of superstars, tourist destinations, images and calligraphic performs. The Minglun Area shows the lifestyle tale of Fan Zhongyan, a well known litterateur of the Music Empire.

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