Lost in the beauty of Wonderland of Western Sichuan Highland

The European Sichuan Highland that is in the boundary of Sichuan and Tibet Tibet tour is ranked as one of the most wonderful highland in Chinese suppliers. It is actually the expansion of the Qinghai-Tibet level and it is known as Kham Place, such as places of the western side of Ya’an, independent prefectures of Garze, Aba, and Liangshan. Given with strong hilly places with majesty snow-capped hills, wide grasslands, basic jungles, amazing downhill ponds, wonderful Tibetan towns, and exclusive way of life, European Sichuan Highland is a popular location for touring, experience, and photography.

When visiting European Sichuan Highland, popular locations like Daocheng, Yading, Xinduqiao, Litang, Batang and Kangding are top options for visitors. Besides the wonderful scenery, the exclusive regional way of life and way of life also have excellent appeal. Here let’s get a close look at the exclusive way of life of half-farming and half-nomadic in the stream area region of European Sichuan Highland.

With many hills China travel service increasing across the level and waterways operating through, the location is quite complex in this region. And the stream area situated besides a stream and among hills and grassland is the common scenery. There are red sky, snow-covered mountains, and natural grasslands in the higher end, while in the lower place there are towns and places. Different from nomads and farm owners, individuals live in the stream area lead a way of life of half-farming and half-nomad. In the beginning morning, they get up beginning and generate the livestock, lambs, and yaks to the grassland and these creatures would eat at their own. Then they would come back to the area for agriculture.

Oats, apples, and barley are the main plants in the Sichuan European Highland China vacation packages. These plants not only fulfill the everyday eat of natives, also they offer food for the creatures. When in fall, the barley is fresh in fantastic shade, small white blossoms of apples in full blossom, and oatmeal are collected and placed all over the places it is a very wonderful year to visit the stream area area in European Sichuan Highland Grassland.

Zanba China Travel Destinations that is made from barley is the choice of natives. Zanba is usually consumed with butter tea to offer excellent energy and help to avoid cold. The regional homes are also very special. These homes are designed with rammed world and rocks to be very company and strong, and they are an important part of regional way of life.

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