Best Travel Experience to Changdao Natural Reserve

Changdao Organic Rerserve China travel service, the nationwide natural source which is located at the northern end of Shandong Peninsula, was recognized in 1982 with an place of 5,015 hectares. Finding at the Huanghai and Bohai Ocean rendezvous, the Changdao Characteristics Reserve connected to the sub-Huanghuai place of the historical North Chinese suppliers area, and homes an excessive wide range of crazy creature and place sources, of which more than 230 varieties are migrants, such as 41 varieties such as red-crowned motorised hoist, white stork, swan, fantastic large eagle and cinereous vulture are under the key nationwide security, and 164 varieties are detailed into the Sino-Japan Migrant Contract, in which a complete of 227 varieties of migrants are determined for security. Since 1984, the Changdao Characteristics Reserve started to create signing up of crazy birds and put band represents on more than 30 kinds of crazy birds. There is the most important one of the three major ways, along which the migrants are coming in springtime and making in fall. The excellent habitat and numerous crazy creature and place sources create the Changdao Characteristics Reserve a unusual platform for learning the moving law of migrants in China's southern beach locations.

Changdao Isle has an Oriental southern monsoon navigator environment China vacation packages. This means that the winter season season here is warm and summer season is awesome. The exclusive location and beneficial natural circumstances create it a post-house for moving crazy birds. Every season, a large number of crazy birds of more than 200 types fly successfully pass here. Changdao Isle is enclosed by the sea on four ends with amazing sceneries and thus it is known as "Fairyland in the Sea”.

It is with amazing landscapes, enjoyable environment, clean air, stylish atmosphere, several unusual coral reefs and rocks, as well as natural amazing things such as the mirage, haizi, advection fog, etc.; Changdao is the support of the Eight Immortals tale, with a amazing name of "Immortal Hill Offshore”. The air atmosphere quality China tour operator gets to nationwide main conventional, and the adverse clean air ion per cm 3 in the air are as high as 20,000, it is known as natural “Oxygen Bar”. Due to an incredible number of migratory crazy birds by way of Changdao every season, it loves a good popularity of “Post House” for migratory crazy birds, being a nationwide natural source, popular picturesque identify, and woodlands park

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