Where is Longmen Gully?

Longmen Gully China travel service is located in Qingshui Town, Mentougou Region, about 90 kilometers (56 miles) western of China suppliers. It is recognized by organic charm, traditional artifacts, and spiritual lifestyle.

A wide variety of organic charm can be seen here: the magnificent gully itself, the sleek mountains China vacation packages, the stylish springtime, and the actual fountain. The picturesque place is loaded with plants and creatures, with more than 700 different types of wild life, which range from pheasants to traveling squirrels, and about 840 types of plants, some of which are sources for traditional China medications. A fantastic Karst scenery, which is unusual in North China suppliers, can also be seen here. Precisely because of its omniform canyons, various gullies and huge stone jungles, it referred to as 'Northern China's geological museum'.

The gully has very enjoyable environment. Throughout the year, the air is nice and clean and considered as 'sweet and enjoyable, gladdening to the heart and soothing to the mind'. The soothing sound of the constant running of the springtime h2o is said to reduce the exhaustion of a long journey. The springtime h2o, loaded with organic nutrients, is of high quality and is suitable for drinking. In springtime, everything is full of energy and energy. In summer time, the temperature here is much lower than that in the city district, naturally, it is an ideal summer time resort away from the extreme heat. The fall comes with clear sky and sharp air; while in winter, the icy sources, the freezing fountain, along with the silvery world, form a wonderful picture.

Longmen Gully contains the Grand Gorge, the Phantom Area, and the Midair Forehead China tour operator in West China suppliers. Each of them has their identifying features. The Grand Gorge has extreme and massive coves. With countless turns and turns through the range of mountains, the canyn appears like a monster with magnificent elegance, developing a most outstanding scene. The Phantom Area is magical with many magical phenomena. As for the Midair Forehead in West China suppliers, it was built in 1621. Being enclosed by green and luxurious cypress, the temple appears above the coves, providing a spectacular view of the picturesque place.

The best time to come to Longmen Gully is from May to Nov. The vacation towns in the gully provide bbqs, some other delightful local foods and various activities.

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