Learn something about Tanggangzi Hot Spring

Tanggangzi Hot Springtime China vacation packages is one of the four recovery facilities of China suppliers. The spring nutrient water is fresh and clear and has no flavor and no shade with the temperature of 72 c. It contains over 30 types of track elements excellent for body keeping and the therapy of serious illnesses, such as rheumatism, joint disease, skin condition etc. If you drink it often, you will have a excellent hunger and feel and happy after you shower in this spring nutrient water. Using the spring nutrient water and its heat as a unique method for the treatment illnesses has persisted since in Tang Empire and now the Shangtangzi Restoration middle (also known as Tanggangzi Medical center in Anshan), which is one of the four Hot Springtime Physical recovery Restoration facilities, use hot spring nutrient water, debris and the therapy with China and european treatments together with more than 60 types of treatments for the treatment illnesses and it has effects towards rheumatism, outcropping of lower back intervertabral, ankylosing spondylitis and cerebrovascular sequela.

Tanggangzi Hot Springtime China land tours loves wonderful scenery and many individual scenery just like Shangri-la with dense woodlands, fresh air, silent environment, well-arranged kiosks and pavilions and attractive pond and hill scenery. The “Dragon Palace”, which was used by the last emperor in China suppliers in Qing Empire for shower, has secured well and in the room there are Set Cruise for Lengthy Trip Fresco and Mandarin Goose Wearing in the Water Fresco and other Japanese people individuals tale shade frescoes. They are stunning and now are start to the visitors. It is the only elegant spring showering structure stayed and still start to public. Warlord in Northeast China suppliers Zhang Zuolin has built "Dragon Hot Springtime Villa” here. And the hot nutrient mud is the million-of-year volcanic mud nurtured by hot spring, having magic effect for serious illnesses and decorating.

Tanggangzi Hot Springtime is famous for its long history, blessed natural resources, individual scenery and its mixture of the recovery middle, physiotherapy and traveling China tour operator. Every season there are a huge number of visitors both from home and onboard come to visit and rest.

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